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From The Vault x NFS (Nike SB Dunk Blue Lobster)

The Nike SB Dunk Blue Lobster is another iconic piece of sneaker history and one of the first few collaborations with Nike SB and Massachusetts-based retailer, Concepts. The sneaker was released in June 2009, one year after the original Red Lobster Dunk. This time, it came in an entirely new colourway that was inspired by deep water lore and an infamous marketing campaign. 

“The crew drew from the illusive blue tinted lobster, using a nightshade tinged leather with a sported dark slate overlay,” according to Nike SB. Releasing with an official colourway of nightshade and dark slate and a blue box, this iteration of the Lobster Dunk was topped off with the signature rubber band to seal the catch. 

It wasn’t just the shoe’s eye catching design that drove its popularity, however. The team at Concepts launched the shoe telling the story of dangerous blue lobsters that had been terrorizing local waters. 

“We wanted to be one of the first to market with packaging and storytelling,” Concepts Creative Director Deon Point told the Complex Sneaker Podcast. “We put up signs everywhere and we had these fake videos. 

The campaign had gained a little too much traction, however, with people reportedly growing worried and scared about the crustaceans. 

“It got so bad the mayor called,” Pont says. “It took on its life of its own. People were genuinely scared that blue lobsters were a thing.”

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