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From The Vault (Nike Dunk Low SB Purple Lobster)

There are few Dunks that are as recognizable or carry a history as illustrious as the Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Purple Lobster. The Purple Lobster released in late 2018 to honour the 10-year partnership between Nike SB and Massachusetts-based retailer, Concepts. With it, comes an expansive history that includes the original Red Lobster Dunk, the Blue Lobster Dunk, and an elusive friends-and-family Yellow. 

Despite the sneaker’s undeniable success, it was an idea that Concepts Creative Director Deon Point initially didn’t want to revisit. 

“I felt we shouldn’t touch the theme again,” Point says in a Nike release. “It was a moment. We celebrated it. We loved it.” 

Point says that the Lobster Dunk has since become a movement, adding that he’s done extensive research on the crustaceans and that the possibilities for colourways are, theoretically, endless. 

"There's versions in colour variations, depending on the depth of how far a lobster can go below sea level,” Point explains. “And, theoretically, there are lobsters in colours that haven't been found yet."

With the explosive success of the Dunk in 2020, one can only hope that Point and the Concepts team release another colourway, adding to the collaboration’s celebrated history. 

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